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Bhau Parsram Jhulelal Mandir of Sindhunagar Ulhasnagar

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After 1947 partition of India, Sindhis left their homeland Sindh, leaving behind their Sindhi Culture, Worship Places and Mandirs of their deity Sai Jhulelal. Entire Hindu Sindhi community got scattered all over the world. For unifying Sindhis and reviving their culture, there was a strong need for Sindhi Schools and some Mandirs where Sindhi Culture would reborn.

Jhulelal Mandir in Ulhasnagar-1 was built on a land where illegal CLUB was being run by local goon. All the illegal activities were taking place in that area. In evenings no one dared to go there. So to get rid of them and maintain peace in that area, Bhau Parsaram Struck a deal with the owner of CLUB Bar. He sold Gold Jewellery of his wife Smt. Putlibai with great pain and built a small Mandir of Sai Jhulelal. He was firm believer of Sai Jhulelal. He always chanted “Jeko Chavando Jhulelal Tahinja Thinda Beda Paar”. In the year 1960 Jhulelal Trust was formed and many devotees came forward and helped monetarily and made a grand Mandir, providing good facilities for general public by building marriage halls, Dharamshalas for cheap accommodation, Narishala, Cooking classes for Girls, Eye Hospital for cataract operation. Foundation for Jhulelal Trust School was laid in 1980 where around 5200 students are being educated in Sindhi and English medium. Bhau Parsram also started Puj Baharano Sahib at various functions and at devotees homes during festivals and marriage functions, thus keeping the Sindhi culture alive. He also started Chaliya Saheb at Ulhasnagar-1, which is still celebrated every year from 16th July to August 24. At the end of Chaliya Saheb a grand procession is carried from Jhulelal Mandir to Hira Ghat, Ulhasnagar-3, where devotees carry the Matki on their forehead and keep chanting “Ayo lal Jhulelal”, “Jhulelal Bedapar”.

All the festivals are celebrated very religiously in the Mandir. Chand (New Moon day) Beharano is celebrated every month, Sorhan Soomar (16 Mondays) fast, Tijiri, Thadri, Mahalaxmi, Gurunanik Jayanti, Diwali and Chetichand are celebrated very lavishly with Bhandhara (Prasad Meal).

Varsi Sahib of Bhau Parsram is celebrated every year on 14th March with Bhajan Kirtan and Bhandhara. All this is kept alive and is carried forward by Bhau Lilaram.


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  • Jhulelal Trust School – Ulhasnagar-2
  • Jhulelal Trust Hospital for Free Eye Operation Centre
  • Jhulelal Training Centre for Ladies – Ulhasnagar -2
  • Hira Ghat Mandir – Ulhasnagar- 3

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I WANT TO DO OPERATION OF MY BOTH EYES ....I STAY IN ULHASNAGAR 1.... PLS LET ME KNOW HOW TO REACH YOU....PLS Provide me Jhulelal Trust Hospital Free Eye Operation Center Contact Number... Thanks

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