Jhulelal Mandir of Sindhunagar

Bhau Parsram Jhulelal Mandir of Sindhunagar Ulhasnagar

+91 9821820005

Jhulelal Mandir of Sindhunagar

Address: Jhulelal Mandir, Baba Notandas Darbar Rd, Mukund Nagar, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra 421001

Contact: +91 9821820005


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Sanjay g Phundwani
16-Jul-2021 06:46 pm
Jai jhulelal

Hitendra G Manghani
18-Jan-2014 10:04 pm
Dear Sir / Madam I wanted to check whether there is any dharamshala for pravasis in the temple I want one room for two adults (one male and one female) from 19th March 2013 afternoon to 22nd March 2013 afternoon I request you to please help me in this regard

sunil motwani
04-Sep-2013 02:19 am
please make jhulelal temples and trusts all over bharat please make jhulelal trusts and schools and colleges all over india please make jhulelal charitable hospitals all over india please make jai jhuelal temples in all holy places all over bharat also identification of id cards and networks all over bharat

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